Rudolph, the red - nosed reindeer

Some Interesting Facts about Christmas Carols


Christmas carols have been one of the most popular traditional types of music since the songs are played annually at this time of the year. People know many songs since they are sung in public to celebrate the birth of Jesus. However, not many people know stories behind these carols. They are quite interesting to find out and I think you might be surprised with some of them in this post!

In this article, I will introduce some fun facts about Christmas carols that you might not know before. It would be so inspiring but some of them won’t be as cool as you think. Now let’s get started and find out some secrets of Christmas carols!

The Man Who Wrote Them All

The carols we are mentioning about are songs written in English – both old and new ones. That’s the reason why they all have writers. However, we don’t know much about them since they are all passed away and the age of the carols are quite high that we can’t do much about them. However, there is a thing that is quite sure about these song contributors. Every carol was not written by a single man, but no one has contributed more than Jonny Marks. He is considered the best in writing the lyrics and the music for modern Christmas carols.

Rudolph, the red - nosed reindeer

When mentioning Jonny’s masterpieces, we can’t forget to mention famous ones such as “Rudolph, the Red – Nosed Reindeer”, “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”, or “Silver and Gold”. They are sung and performed by most people in the world when celebrating Christmas. The lyrics and bright music can make people feel very happy and full of energy from the first time hearing. That’s why these songs are so popular, especially to children who really love the songs by their lyrics. Interestingly, though he composed so many modern Christmas carols, he didn’t celebrate the holiday even once since he was Jewish.

Jonny’s career started by writing a song based on the poem of his father – in – law Robert L. May about a reindeer named Rudolph which has a red nose. The carol “Rudolph, the red – nosed reindeer” was his biggest hit with more than 25 million copies at the time. It became the best-selling record of all time until the 1980s. If you have time, look for Jonny’s carols and listen to them. It would be such a good time for you since the melody is perfect for this time of the year.

The Best Single for Christmas

Here is a fact: we only listen to carols and Christmas songs for a short period of time in winter. As a result, they can’t be hits that can be compared to other pop songs that we listen almost all the time. However, the best – selling single of a time is not a pop song which performed by well – known singers such as Michael Jackson, the Beetles… This title goes to Bing Crosby with his life – time hit “White Christmas”. It is the best – selling single of all time with more than 100 million copies sold all over the world. Even though it was written and performed almost 70 years ago, the mood for Christmas is still there right after you play the song for the first time. Just play it and you will see why it’s so good at being the best – selling single of all time.

Best single of all time

It is quite weird is that this carol didn’t do well in the first time coming to public in the film Holiday Inn in 1942. It was just the second song in the OST list, behind the shadow of another song named “Be careful, It’s my heart” which was a very big hit at that time. However, just a few months later when the Christmas came to town, this song started climbing up the chart and the sale went up incredibly fast. Another reason was the World War II which made people feel so homesick and wanted a song to express their feelings.

Fun Facts About Well – Known Carols

  • Most people think “Jingle Bells” was written for Christmas, however, the truth is another way around. It was originally written during Thanksgiving time. This song was the first song to be broadcasted from space.
  • In December of 1965, a song was requested by astronauts of Gemini 7 when they were in orbit. And the song they requested to NASA to play was “I’ll be home for Christmas”.
  • The lyrics of “Winter wonderland” has a line about getting married thanks to Parson Brown. It was once considered inappropriate for children. That’s the reason why the line was changed to the Snowman like we know it today.

Winter wonderland

  • During the WWI Christmas Truce in 1914, the war was stopped for the soldiers to sing a carol together. The German, English and French troop sang “Silent Night” together since it was the only carol that everyone knew the lyrics. It was the power of music.
  • If you are a fan of the carol “Joy to the world”, you must have known the complete lyrics, rather than just the second half of the version written by Isaac Watt. It would let you know that this carol is more suitable to sing at Easter since it is about Jesus’s resurrection, not his birth.

So there are more than just these fun facts that I want to show you. However, if you are really interested in finding out about Christmas carols and other old – fashioned Christmas customs, you should seek yourself so that you can feel the joy of accumulating fresh and interesting knowledge. If you need any assistance, feel free to ask us and visit out the website for more information. Happy Christmas!

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