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Vital Steps to Celebrate Christmas with Carols


Christmas begins with the snow, the Christmas trees and of course – Christmas carols. All of us know about them, but it would be such a good way to celebrate this time of the year with your own Christmas caroling group. You can have the best moments with your friends and relatives when singing beautiful carols together. It might bring some colorful features if you somehow feel bored with the annual Christmas each and every year.

When you go caroling, good cheer-spreading is the old but effective way for you. It is not only a good way for you to infuse the delight of Christmas carol but also an excuse for you to go out and gather your friends to go caroling. Christmas caroling to make new friends as well as see the old ones before welcoming the new year.

Caroling group

Having a look at this post, you will find helpful information to form a caroling group of your own and what to prepare before spreading your love with music and Christmas.

Below are some steps that you should know to go Christmas caroling:

  • Set up your caroling group: This is the most important step since public caroling requires more than one person. Going alone can’t help you deliver the spirit of Christmas through the songs though your voice is so beautiful and you sing quite well. In fact, have someone going with you is so much fun and helps you to draw more attention to your carols. Make sure that your group consists of more than 3 people. Your group might be small, but more than 5 is the best. It’s fine if your group members don’t know each other yet from the beginning. Rehearsals will help you guys not only sing better but also know more about each other so that you guys can co – operate better. Some people really want to turn Christmas caroling to some kind of family tradition, so if you really love this kind of traditional music and your family members do as well, why don’t you try to form a family group? Let’s get started and make a list of possible members for your caroling group right now!

Carol singing rehearsal

  • List the songs: Since the group can have many types of voice and you don’t have a long time to arrange them nicely, don’t pick songs that are too difficult for them to perform. In fact, songs like that are quite hard to learn the lyrics as well as sing with the right tone and the right note all the time. Here’s a tip for you: Choose the songs that are common to everyone in your group and they feel comfortable when singing. If your group feels fine with the songs and the members don’t have to try too hard in memorizing the lyrics and the music, everything would be fine when performing. People that you will sing for tend to love common and popular songs that others. In addition, if one of your members knows how to play portable musical instruments such as guitar or tambourine, encourage he or her to bring it along. Basically, you guys can sing without the music, but it would be even better if there is one.
  • Practice makes perfect: Nothing can be done perfectly without practice and rehearsal. Rehearse together provides favorable conditions for your group to work together more fluently. The member will know the list of the songs as well as how to sing all of them. Furthermore, people can harmony better and know some limitations of themselves. It is such an important factor, especially when singing carols together. For example, if there is a member in your group knows how to sing high notes, don’t force him or her to sing notes that are too low and vice versa. Knowing the best voice range of your caroling group members is the key factor for your group to do the best work.
  • It’s time for real performance: Don’t try too hard or go too far from your neighborhood. Your group is not a professional one, so just start with your own neighborhood. It would be so nice if you can sing for all the houses, but just get started with your neighbor’s next door. Don’t forget to ring the doorbell and wait for the house owner to open the door. However, make sure not to ring the bell too much. If the door isn’t opened, move on with your work. You can come back later if you want.
  • Start singing: If the house owner comes out and welcome you, start singing. While carol singing, notice the reactions of the house owners to know how long you could sing for them. Don’t try too hard if they are busy or don’t want to hear any more. Be polite first, and people will treat you nicely.

Christmas carols

There are some notices for you when preparing Christmas caroling:

  • The best day for you to go caroling is between 20th and 24th of December. Pick a day when your group is ready and you can make sure everything is well – prepared. Don’t be hurry or all your efforts would be useless.
  • Many people don’t let their children go caroling today because of some problems and concerns about security in the evening. Don’t worry too much and let your kids have some fun because this is considered as a safe job. If anything happens, you can call the police station to make sure everything is still alright.
  • You should have a special hand gesture or a code that means stop so that if the house owner doesn’t want to hear anymore, you can lead your group to stop and move to the next house without having to interrupt the singing. It would be politer to all of the members.
  • Don’t stay up too late since you still have many things to do in the daytime. Christmas caroling is good but it is still an optional activity, not a fundamental one.

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