Christmas Gifts for Music Lover

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Just imagine how happy your friends and relative would be when receiving a gift for their music hobby? They might have dreamt of it for the whole year and now you bring it to them, nothing can compare to it for sure. However, do you really know what to buy and what his or her music taste is? It is quite challenging, isn’t it? For those music geeks, you should take quite a lot of time to prepare a present for Christmas. If you have a friend like that, this list might be very helpful since it can make your choices narrowed quite a lot. Now let’s move through all of them and see which one is the best for your friend! Christmas gifts for music lover

  1. Turntable

Vinyl records are very old and vintage, but they are so remarkable and precious in music lovers’ eyes. Therefore if your friend is a big fan of Jazz or Blue, a turntable is a must – have on his or her list of device. A turntable as Christmas gift is one of the best ideas. 10 years ago, it would be so hard for you to actually find a really good turntable within your budget with a decent quality since the price gap is quite high. Basically, cheap and low-quality turntables could totally destroy your vinyl records just after some plays while high – end products might cost you an arm and a leg. Fortunately, because of the high demand in buying average budget turntables with better quality, there are some manufacturers who can meet these requirements perfectly. U – Turn is an example. Their turntable is quite affordable and you can believe in the quality as well. In my opinion, you should check some turntable reviews online before choosing the best one for your friend because a Christmas present shouldn’t cost you too much but it shouldn’t be a poor one that your friend can’t make use of regularly. In fact, the turntable should be well – constructed and must be tested carefully before purchasing to make sure everything is alright, even the smallest details such as the switches or the plug. Turntable Basically, there are two things you should notice about a turntable: the price range and the components. A good turntable must at least $150 and higher. Don’t buy anything below that price since they are all cheap products with poor performance. Next, you should check the driver. It can be belt – driver or direct one. It doesn’t matter but you should check for the performance and make sure it works well under normal condition.

  1. Vinyl Me, Please Subscription

If your friend already owns a record player, why don’t you take care of their vinyl records instead? Not many people think of this when selecting a present for their friends and relatives. Vinyl Me, Please is a monthly subscription service for vinyl lovers. Here’s how it works: each month, a pack of a gift from the manufacturers contains a high-quality exclusive album, an art print and a piece of merchandise will be sent to the subscriber. If you want a happy year for your friend with monthly gift throughout the year, it would cost you $284. Or else you can buy cheaper ones such as a quarter period or one month. It would be much cheaper. Vinyl record collectors would be crazy if they know you care about them this much with a surprise from Vinyl Me, Please.

  1. Bluetooth Headphones

Who can resist the attraction of a Bluetooth headphone? We are living in a modern world now and a wireless device like this is quite essential, especially with music geeks. However, not many people can afford for one. That’s the reason why giving your son, daughter or brother this as a Christmas gift is one of the most precious ones when the holiday is coming. Bluetooth headphones Since the price of wireless devices is so expensive, it would not be easy for you to actually find one with acceptable quality within your budget. In fact, there are some brands that specialized in producing these kinds of headphones such as 1More, Sennheiser,… you can even search for some models from luxury brands like Shure or Sony if they are on sale. The next thing you should put into consideration is the headphone design. Normally an over – ear wireless headphone is the best option since the bass and the trebles are quite adequate comparing to other types of Bluetooth headphones like in – ear or ear buds. Moreover, over – ear products have excellent noise – cancellation feature which is the main thing you have to know when buying a product to use when you are outside.

  1. Bluetooth Speaker

Another wireless music device for music lovers! It would be very nice to those who want to throw a party anywhere with drinks and music. Some of them may have loudspeakers at home, but something to bring along every time? I don’t think so. That’s the reason why a Bluetooth speaker can be a really good Christmas present. However, some of you might be afraid of the price since it might seem to be such a luxury gift. In fact, you can get this with just $60, and that’s the considerable price, right? In addition, if you need some additional functions, just a few dollars added and you will get what you want. With this wireless music player device, your relative can play music while working or studying easily without worrying about the performance or the distance. On a whole, choosing presents for music lovers on Christmas is quite difficult if you are not one of them, but this guide might help you think of some solutions with these helpful suggestions, isn’t it? If this post is not enough, you can take a look at our special website about music and equipment to see if there is anything that can make your friends and relative happy as a gift or not. We can help you as well with some technical advice so as to narrow the selections and find the best one for this occasion.

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