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Workout Earbuds – The Best Xmas Gift For Your Husband

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Gifts are one of the most subtle expressions of interest, love and respect. So choosing the suitable and smart gifts for your husband can show more than words your feeling and affections to them. From traditional to modern, from small, simple and iconic to complex gifts, so many choices on the market right now may give you a headache about what items should be picked for your love. Although each man carries the very unique personality and hobby, but their biggest commonality is the love for technology and sport. Thus you should choose the Christmas gifts which relate to their hobbies and habit. And there is a special item that I’m sure any men will love; a pair of workout earbuds. If your men love music, it’s even better. Simple as that, the workout earbuds are the best Christmas Gift to show how much you love and care for them. Today, I will share with you how to choose the best workout earbuds as the gifts for your men.

Traditional headphones with big cushion, heavy cord and tangled long wire are gradually replaced by the small and convenient earbuds for sport. The earbuds with many standout features like waterproof, Bluetooth and wireless, are designed specially to serve anyone who love sport but at the same time want to enjoy music at the highest level.

Whether you’re cycling, walking, hiking, skiing, running, or boating, choosing a pair of sport headphones that meet your needs will boost your spirits and reduce boredom. Music will arouse in you the excitement of practice. That means the earbuds that fit and do not fall out when you’re out of breath will give you a better workout. Let’s take a look at what is needed when choosing a pair of earbuds as the gift.

Comfortable And Appropriate:

The first standout strength of the earbuds present is that they are lightweight. Traditional headphones often tend to fall out of your ears if you run or move strong. The heavy cord linked two earmuffs of the headphones on your head are not suitable for you to have proper move in boxing or dancing. Even if you are practicing yoga, wearing the headphones prevent you from moving you head and neck properly. Workout earbuds are specially designed to stay in your ears while small and lightweight enough that you may not recognized their present except from the music you are listening. They come with soft silicone tips in different sizes to ensure a comfortable fit comfortably in anyone’s ears. When choosing the workout earbuds, you should consider finding the earbuds that stay securely inside your ears during hard and strong move so that they will fit to any type of sport.

Sport Earbuds


Designed to withstand hard workouts, the workout earbuds should be waterproof so they will not be damaged by sweat or rain. Wearing the headphones with big cushion will make you sweat more, and if the headphones are not designed waterproof, sweat can ruin the cushion and reduce useful life of the headphones. The problem is worse as you prefer to jog and run outside, with the high opportunity of catching the rain anytime. The waterproof earbuds will stay with you in any outside condition; even you are swimming or running in the rain. Thus, you should pay attention to pick waterproof earbuds so that you men can carry them anytime when on the training.


When you are on a treadmill or the gymnastic machines, you will not want to stop your training session when a call comes in or pull your device away from your ears to skip a song or adjust the volume. The earbuds designed for workout should have in-stream control remote for the convenience of the user. If you need to make important calls, be sure to get a pair with a working microphone with your phone, or even better, pick the Bluetooth earbuds. If the wire of the earbuds is too long, the control remote will somehow pull the earmuffs from your ears so consider so choose the short wired earbuds.

Wire Or Wireless:

The usual headphones are designed with long wire will make you feel uncomfortable. If you choose a wired earbuds, you should choose short wire to avoid tangling.

Wireless sports earbuds usually have Bluetooth for wireless online music. In order to secure the earbuds inside your ears, the earbuds should be designed with the loops which connect your ear canals and the earmuffs. The loops will also help you to change the direction of the earmuffs to fit your ear shape and preference.

The other popular type of earbuds is the neckband earbuds. They make you feel comfortable when moving your neck for different moves while at the same time stay on your heads despite fast and strong move. Sportsperson who enjoy cycling, jogging and running is much prefers this type of earbuds than wired earbuds.
Wireless earbuds

Sound Quality:

Music is the inspiration and motivation during playing sport, thus choosing the right sport earbuds means that you should pay attention to the music as well as other features on the earbuds designed for sport.

The frequency range of the human ear is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, so there is no need for the earbuds that exceed this range. If you are a fan of jazz or classical music, you ought to choose the earbuds with volume is in mid-range and high end. If you are a fan of pop, rap, dance, or hip-hop, your choice should be a pair of very powerful bass earbuds.

The workout earbuds should focus more on sound isolation than any other headphones. Practicing exercise in the gym with normally too loud background music or other sound from machines, you properly want to isolate yourself with your music only. Running and playing sport with many noises outside need this feature from a pair of workout earbuds than ever. Hence, always ensure sound quality of the earbuds carefully before picking them as the gifts to others.


Choosing the best workout earbuds as the gift to your husband, you should pay attention to the design which suits his preference. There are various types of earbuds with different designs, different colors from many brands, but the sport earbuds usually have masculine, strong appearance than normal unisex earbuds.

Different earbuds models

Below are some tips for you when buying the best workout earbuds:

  • Try headphones from many brands, under different conditions.
  • Refer to prices, reviews on online forums or product rating websites.
  • Although the cost does not make a good earbuds, you should still trust the reputable brand to get the best service and warranty.
  • Choose the waterproof and shock-proof earbuds to maximize the durability of the earbuds and the comfort when using.
  • Check whether the sound is too rash when playing with high volume.
  • Avoid long-wired earbuds; pick wireless earbuds instead if possible.


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